JK Health Equity

LGBTQ+ Courage Resources

JK Health Equity:

  • Provides an evidence-based model that is expanded upon using the personal experiences of the presenters who are business/life partners, lesbians, and healthcare providers. The model offers practical skills on acceptance, support, and respect.
  • Provides, at no charge, ongoing continuing education on LGBTQ2S health equity to interprofessional health teams at the provincial health authority in Nova Scotia, Canada.
  • Speaks at North Hants Rural High School (Nova Scotia, Canada) for International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia
  • Provides education and guidance on marginalized populations to a leadership candidate for a provincial political party

Contact: Email or phone: 1-902-880-1765


Diversity training is an important factor in organizational success because it aims to address how the marginalization of historically oppressed communities is often inadvertently reinstated. With this in mind, JK offers expertise in trauma-aware health care strategies that empowers individuals to stimulate organizational change. Practical communication skills bring about cultures of respect that can work to bridge gaps between training and implementation for the successful inclusion of persons from diverse backgrounds.

Education and training is provided through an LGBTQ+ lens to bring about diverse and applied understandings of equity. Using evidence-informed approach, JK collaborates with each client to provide professional development experiences that are specific to educational needs and organizational culture. Simulated scenarios with group learning activities are adapted to professional context to offer practical strategies in an interactive learning environment.


About Jennifer Lane

Nurse, lesbian, wife, stepmom, and PhD Candidate.
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