Web Links

Our lists of web sites related to LGBT health are provided to help you explore the wealth of health-related and human rights information that is available on the web. Go to a section listed below to search for a specific resource.

Our inclusion on this list does not indicate our endorsement of the specific web content gay worldthat you will find. However, we have only included web resources that meet the following criteria related to quality and reliability of a web site:

  • The site is sponsored by or authored by a defined group or individual, and there are clear links that locate who is responsible for the site, their qualifications, and how to contact them.
  • The information on the site is reasonably traceable, and can be corroborated with other reliable sources.
  • The site itself is likely to remain in place on the web; the affiliations related to the site are generally known to have a stable identity.
  • The site provides evidence to support the information provided, and clear explanation of their policies and positions on issues related to LGBTQ health.

Feel free to search the web to find other resources as well, and you can use our criteria to help you determine if what you find can be trusted. We welcome your comments and recommendations below!

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