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Nurse, lesbian, future wife, stepmom, and PhD student.

Happy Father’s Day!

I was waiting in line with my step-son the other day and there was a display of Father’s Day merchandise in front of us. He is going to be six years old at the end of August, and has recently latched … Continue reading

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I attended the Rainbow Health Ontario conference in March of this year. During the question period at the end of the session in which I was a presenter, one of the persons in attendance asked about the meaning of the … Continue reading

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When your patient asks you if you have a boyfriend…and you’re a lesbian

I started working in the hospital at the end of January. Since then, I have been asked about my relationship status by what present as mostly cisgender white heterosexual men on a number of occasions. Sometimes it’s someone your own … Continue reading

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LGBTQ2SIA+ Healthcare: Moving Beyond Sexual Health

As a conclusion to my blog series on transgender inclusive practice, I wanted to explore the topic of sexual health and the potential for reductivity in regards to the delivery of care to LGBTQ2SIA+ clients. For gay men, it would … Continue reading

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Trans Inclusive Practice – The Discussion Continues

This is the third post in my series about trans-inclusive healthcare. Given the content covered in the accessibility blog post, I thought it would be helpful to begin a conversation about what healthcare professionals can do to hold space with their … Continue reading

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