Intermediate Learning Activites: Health Care Applications

I1: Hospital Policies. Group discussion of the concept of “family” based on sample hospital policies (30 minutes).  Download activity details: I1. Hospital Policies.  Download Handout: I1. Hospital Policies Handout

I2: What is Durable Power of Attorney?  Group discussion based on an actual legal case in which a lesbian’s Durable Power of Attorney was denied (30-45 minutes)  Download activity details: I2. Durable Power of Attorney.  Download Case Handout: I2. Durable Power of Attorney Case

I3: Learning to Ask about Sexual and Gender Identities. Group discussion based on four scenarios (30 minutes).  Download activity details: I3. Learning to Ask about Sexual and Gender Identities.  Download handout: I3. Learning to Ask Scenarios

I4: Resources for LGBTQ Health. A written assignment followed by large group discussion (2 hours preparation; 30-60 minutes group discussion).  Download activity details: I4. Resources for LGBTQ Health

I5: Healthcare provider-patient/family. A role-play activity for large or small groups (1 hour).  Download activity details: I5. Healthcare provider-patient family interaction. Download roles/script handout: I5. Healthcare provider-patient script

I6: Library/Internet Exercise. Written assignment followed by group discussion focused on accessibility of information for a specific age group and specific LGBTQ health concern.  Download activity details: I6. Library Internet Activity

I7: Critique of research articles. A written assignment to critique a research article from LGBTQ health perspectives (2 to 3 hours preparation). Download activity details: I7. Critique of research article

I8: Heterosexual assumptions in health care assessments. Group activity that includes a brief role-play followed by discussion of heterosexual assumptions in health care (60 minutes).  Download activity details: I8. Heterosexual assumptions

I9: Interrupting heterosexism in health care. Group discussion based on a handout of concerns for LGBTQ people when they encounter health care providers (30 – 45 minutes).  Download activity details: I9. Interrupting heterosexism in health care  Download activity handout: I9. Interrupting heterosexism handout.

I10: Recognizing and disrupting heterosexism. Written assignment or group discussion analyzing examples of heterosexism in health care (1-2 hours as written assignment; 30 – 45 minutes group discussion).  Download activity details: I10. Recognizing and disrrupting heterosexism

I11: Ramon: Gay-related Hate Crime. Group discussion of a case study involving a young gay man who comes to the ED (30 minutes).  Download activity details: I11. Case Study- Ramon- Gay-related Hate Crime.  Download case study handout: I11. Case Study- Ramon- Handout

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