Advanced Learning Activities: Intersections of Oppression

A1: Personal accounts of health care experiences. Writing assignment based on “The Cancer Journals” by Audre Lorde (2-3 hours to read the book; 1-2 hours to answer the questions). Download activity details: A1. Personal Accounts of Health Care Experiences

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A2: Intersections of Oppressions. Group discussion based on the classic book “Homophobia: A Weapon of Sexism” by Suzanne Pharr (3 hours reading, 1 hour discussion). Download activity details: A2. Intersections of Oppressions

A3: The Down-Low: A case of intersecting racism and sexism. Group discussion based on the media message that Black men who engage in bisexual behavior are the cause of the high rate of HIV/AIDs among Black women (20 – 30 minutes).  Download Activite details: A3. The Down-Low- A case of intersecting racism and sexism

A4: Transgender Parenting Case Study. Group discussion of Thomas Beatie, who gained media coverage as a pregnant transgender man in 2008 (30 minutes). Download activity details: A4. Transgender Parenting Case Study. Download case handout: A4. Transgender Parenting Case Handout

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