It is not always easy to find a welcoming provider for LGBTQI people and families, and going to a hospital can be more than daunting!  But it is getting better, and now there are tools to help!  Here are two that we recommend:

GLMA’s Provider Directory

GLMA: Health Professionals Advancing LGBT Equality has a searchable directory of providers (nurse practitioners, physician assistants, physicians and others) who have indicated that they are welcoming of LGBT patients and families.

Healthcare Equality Index of Welcoming Hospitals

You can search for hospitals in your area that have met the HRC (Human Rights Campaign) criteria as a welcoming and safe place for LGBT patients and families.  The four core criteria that hospitals must meet to be listed are:

  1. Patient non-discrimination
  2. Equal visitation
  3. employment non-discrimnation
  4. Training in LGBT patient-centered care

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