Basic Learning Activities: LGBTQ Awareness

B1: Primary Health Care Referral Exercise.  A 1-2 hour independent activity to increase awareness of LGBTQ resources in your community, followed by group discussion.  Download activity details: B1. Primary Health Care Referral

B2: Robert: An adolescent questioning his sexuality. A case study for group discussion (about 45 – 60 minutes).  Download activity details: B2. Robert – an adolescent questioning his sexuality.  Download case study handout: B2. Robert – case study

B3: Transgender and Transitioning: A spouse’s reaction. A scenario to present to a group for discussion (30 minutes).  Download activity details:  B3- Transgender and Transitioning

B4: Letter to the Editor. A written assignment designed to be completed out of class (1 to 2 hours); could be adapted for in-class discussion focused on a number of LGBTQ current issues.  Download activity details: B4- Letter to the Editor

B5: Dealing with negative comments in the workplace. Scenarios to be handed out to small groups for discussion, with presentations of their scenario and discussion to the larger group (30 to 60 minutes).  Download activity details: B5- Dealing with negative comments.  Download scenarios: B5- Scenarios Dealing with negative comments

B6: Graffiti board. A classroom or workshop activity for large group interaction and discussion (1 hour).  Download activity details: B6. Graffiti Board

B7: No Tears for the Widow. Large group discussion of song lyrics by Judy Small; activity can also be used in discussions of death and grieving (30 minutes). Download activity details: B7. No tears for the widow.  Download handout: B7. Lyrics No tears for the widow

B8: LGBTQ Knowledge Quiz. A “quiz” of LGBTQ current and historical facts that can be used as a large group activity (15-20 minutes) or a take-home assignment.  Download activity details: B8. LGBTQ Knowledge Quiz.  Download Quiz (without answers): B8. Quiz

B9: Gwen Araujo Case Study: A case study for large group discussion of the trial of the men involved with the murder of a young trans woman (30 minutes).  Download activity details: B9. Gwen Araujo Case Study.  Download handout: B9. Gwen Araujo

B10: An Anthropological Tale: A group discussion based on a tale of the “Moh” and the “Teh” tribes by Sharon Deevey (30 minutes).  Download activity details: B10. An Anthropological Tale. Download the “Tale” handout: B10. Deevey Tale

B11: Sexual identities and images in the media: A written assignment based on analysis of popular media for images related to LGBTQ experience (2-3 hours).  Download activity details: B11. Sexual identities and images in the media

B12: It’s Still Elementary video: Group discussion of the “It’s Still Elementary” video (film plus discussion: 90 minutes).  Download activity details: B12. It’s Still Elementary video

Information about the film
Purchase or live streaming information

B13: “I wonder” exercise: Written assignment based on a conversation the student initiates about LGBTQ issues in a social situation (1-2 hours). Download activity details: B13. I wonder exercise

B14: Marriage Benefits: Group discussion based on an assignment to interview people who are married about the benefits of marriage (1 hour for interviews and web research, 30 minutes group discussion).  Download activity details: B14. Marriage Benefits

B15: Gender Role Socialization: Group discussion of participant’s perceptions and experiences of their own gender (30 minutes).  Download activity details: B15. Gender Role Socialization

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