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Associate professor-in-residence, School of Nursing, University of Connecticut; editor and writing coach

Zika & LGBT Health

The 2016 Summer Olympics brought many phenomena to world attention, including openly gay, lesbian, and transgender athletes, as well as egregious examples of white male privilege. However, one global concern that emerged in Brazil and elsewhere promises to alarm us … Continue reading

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Back-to-School Health for LGBTQ Families

With only a few weeks left in August, students will be returning to school soon. LGBTQ families (which I define as families that include LGBTQ parents or children or both) have the same concerns about school health as heteronormative families, … Continue reading

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Clinical Advisor: Healthcare issues of the LGBT community

Designed for healthcare professionals, the website offers regular updates. A recent topic includes “Healthcare Issues of the LGBT Community.” The article is open access:  

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Complicated Grief

The deaths of 49 members of the queer community at Orlando’s Pulse dance club (whether or not they were self-identified as gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender people) has evoked a variety of emotional responses, chief among them grief. Grief is … Continue reading

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Transgender Lives and American Potty Politics

Live long enough and you find that what’s old is new again. When the Equal Rights Amendment to the Constitution, passed by the US Congress in the early 1970s, was making what seemed to many of us as its inexorable … Continue reading

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