Related Projects

There are many LGBTQI health projects that are ongoing – all over the world!  Use our contact form to let us know about your current project.  We will list projects here with a brief description and links to your information on the web.

DIFO – Doing It For Ourselves

Located in the San Francisco Bay are, DIFO is a federally funded research study that includes community building events for all older lesbian/bisexual women, and a 12 week health education and support group for older women of size. The groups focus on improving quality of life and let you set your own individual goals.  We offer information and support about physical activity, nutrition, mindful eating, stress reduction, and topics specific to lesbian/bisexual women’s health.

LGBTQI Nurse Authors Virtual Support Group

Nurses worldwide are welcome to join this private support group for those who are  publishing in nursing literature.  Members are expected to be active participants in sharing their work and providing feedback to others.

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