General Health Information

American Psychological Association (APA) – A strong organization with unequivocal positions on behalf of LGBT concerns, and strong policy statements against any form of discrimination toward LGBTQ people. See in particular their specific LGBTQ policy statements, and answers to questions about sexual orientation.

American Psychiatric Association  – Provides basic information endorsed by the American Psychiatric Association concerning sexual orientation, homosexuality, the effects of stigma on LGBT health, and the association’s opposition to reparative therapy or any approach to changing one’s sexual orientation.

American Medical Students Association LGBT Group – Medical students advocating for rights of LGBT medical students, inclusion of LGBT content in the curriculum, and improving the quality of patient care through physician sensitivity.

Asian Pacific Islander Wellness Center – A non-profit organization that aims to educate, support, empower and advocate for Asian and Pacific Islander communities – particularly A&PIs living with, or at-risk for,HIV/AIDS. Offers prevention services and testing for HIV/STD/Hepatitis.

Atlanta – The Health Initiative – An LGBTQ health organization serving the southeastern United States that provides services, education, outreach and advocacy for lesbians who have been diagnosed with disease and for those who are committed to living healthier lives. The web site includes links and resources related to specific LGBTQ health concerns.

Center for Young Women’s Health: Lesbian Health – This site provides specific information for teens about lesbians and lesbian health. Includes specific answers to questions teens have about lesbians and being a lesbian, a list of book, web sites, and phone numbers for more information and support.

Fenway Community Health – Working to improve the physical and mental health of the community, especially those who are traditionally underserved like lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people, women, those living with HIV/AIDS, and people from communities of color.

GLBT Health Access Project – Provides training, technical assistance and materials to help service providers learn more about the health care needs of GLBT populations and create welcoming environments for staff and clients.

GLMA: Health Professionals Advancing LGBT Equality  – Advocates for quality health care for all LGBTQ communities and supports LGBTQ healthcare providers. This website contains important resources, including the Healthcare Equality Index to use in rating institutional adequacy in providing care to LGBTQ people and their families.

Howard Brown Health Center – The Midwest’s premier lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) health care organization, leading the region in addressing the comprehensive health care needs of people in the LGBT community. The multi-site operation includes a main health center in Uptown, Triad Health practice at Illinois Masonic Hospital, the Broadway Youth Center, and four Brown Elephant resale stores in Chicago and Oak Park. Howard Brown provides an expansive network of programs and services, accomplished with a diverse and qualified staff of licensed doctors, nurses, health care practitioners, renowned research professionals, and prominent community leaders.

Lesbian Health Research Center (LHRC) – LHRC is dedicated to improving the health of lesbians, bisexual women, transgender people, and our families. To achieve this goal, we create comprehensive programs of research, education and trainings, public events and community collaborations. The web site includes results of research studies that the Center has sponsored.

LGBT HealthLinkformerly The Network for LGBT Health Equity, is a community-driven network of advocates and professionals looking to enhance LGBT health by eliminating tobacco use, and other health disparities within our communities. We are one of eight CDC-funded tobacco and cancer disparity networks. We advance these issues primarily by linking people and information to advocate for policy change.

Mautner: National Lesbian Health Organization – The goal of this website is to serve lesbians and women who partner with women by giving information, as well as providing assistance in finding local and national health services.

ShoutOut Health Blog – Health and wellness blog dedicated to LGBT men and women. The site is staffed by LGBT professionals who strive to provide accurate, current and vital health information to the LGBT community.

World Professional Association of Transgender Health – Dedicated to promoting evidence-based care, education, research, advocacy, public policy and respect in transgender and transsexual health.

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