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LGBTQ Valentines?

Valentine’s day, another one of our many commercially-driven “holidays,” is a bastion of heteronormativity.  The origins of the holiday are not known, but one version of the history claims that St. Valentine, who secretly performed marriages in opposition to the … Continue reading

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Kelli Dunham calls for LGBT Culturally Competent Care on NPR Blog!

“Health News from NPR” just posted an excellent article by nurse Kelli Dunham focused on health disparities in the LGBT community that are aided and abetted by inadequate care for LGBT people and their families.  She points to the recent … Continue reading

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How Many Dykes?

Hello readers of Lavender Health.  I decided to post something a bit different this month, and share some of the lesbian humor that I write from time to time.  Although it may seem way off topic for this health-related website, there … Continue reading

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