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Sightings in Cuba

Earlier this month I spent a week in Cuba on a trip organized around the theme ‘Health Across Borders” sponsored by MEDICC (Medical Education Cooperation with Cuba).  The entire experience was wonderful and amazing on many different levels, among which was … Continue reading

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John-Manuel Andriote on Gay Men’s Resilience

As we’ve written before, the capacity to bend in life’s storms without breaking is an important virtue, which is cultivated not by coddling a “cloistered virtue” but by testing and using these psychic “muscles,” is essential to mental and physical wellness. Also known … Continue reading

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HIV/AIDS 30 Years On: MSM Ignorant, In Denial

For more than three decades we have lived with HIV/AIDS. The earliest years of the epidemic were characterized by both dread and hope, anxiety and action. Community-based peer education and activism emerged among sexual minority collectives. When public officials failed … Continue reading

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Sexual Minorities and the Crisis of Legitimation in Medicine

More than thirty years on from the first appearance in print of what we in North America now name HIV/AIDS (or SIDA in other parts of the globe), a recent report of the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies … Continue reading

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