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I am a community health researcher and scholar from San Francisco State University, and have 25 years of experience studying lesbian/bisexual women's health.

Name that “ism”

Changing the Game in Reporting of Health Disparities Many of us were drawn to health careers because we wanted to improve the lives of people in our communities. Our social justice orientations keep us engaged and fighting for the nation’s … Continue reading

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Insider/Outsider: Challenges of Research in Oppressed Minority Communities

Note: I wrote this reflection in the past 2 weeks, inspired by a conversation with a colleague.  I don’t know if I will actually try to publish it somewhere, but these ideas were itching to get out on paper, so … Continue reading

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How Many Dykes?

Hello readers of Lavender Health.  I decided to post something a bit different this month, and share some of the lesbian humor that I write from time to time.  Although it may seem way off topic for this health-related website, there … Continue reading

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Gay and Lesbian Nurses: One of these is not like the other

At a recent LGBT healthcare conference, I was somewhat surprised to discover that many LGBT nurses in attendance (and other healthcare providers and allies) were not aware of the disparate ways that gay male and lesbian nurses have experienced the … Continue reading

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Interview on Out in the Bay Podcast from an interview about Doing It For Ourselves on KALW Jan 9th about a lesbian health program.

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