LGBTQ Cultures 2nd Edition!

Mickey Eliason and I are delighted to announce that the 2nd Edition of this book has just appeared – LGBTQ Cultures: What Healthcare Professionals Need to Know About Sexual and Gender Diversity!  It is available now on the publisher’s website, and it will be available soon for Kindle, Nook andLGBTQ-2E-cover other ebook readers!

Here are some highlights of this edition:

This second edition has 14 chapters, compared to the 10 in the first edition. Because sexual orientation questions have been added to many national and state level health surveillance instruments, we have much more information on health disparities than previously, so we divided one chapter from the first edition on impact of stigma on health into three chapters, starting with impact of stigma on health and well-being in general, and then separate chapters on mental health (including substance abuse) and chronic physical health. We also divided a chapter on diversity within LGBTQ communities into two chapters: one focused on age/generational differences and one on other forms of intersecting identities that impact health.

So check it out and send us your feedback!

About Peggy L Chinn

feminist, nurse activist, writer, founding editor of ANS Advances in Nursing Science, quilter, grandmother nurturing the future of the amazing children in my life.
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5 Responses to LGBTQ Cultures 2nd Edition!

  1. Reblogged this on Busy Nurse Research and commented:
    So, I wasn’t planning to use a textbook for the on-the-ground version of my course this summer, but maybe I need to rethink that …

  2. Stephanie says:

    I hate to be a luddite, but is there a version of the textbook available in a hard copy? Love my e-books for novels but really like to be able to hold textbooks.

    • peggychinn says:

      So sorry, but it is only an e-book. I understand wanting to hold a paper textbook, though! The good thing about the ebook, though, is that the links are “live” and you should be able to go directly to web resources, of which there are many — which is particularly iportant in this rapidly changing area! Best wishes, and thanks so much for being in touch! Peggy

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