Call for Papers

“The Intersections of Trans* and Lesbian Identities, Communities, and Movements”

A Special Issue of the Journal of Lesbian Studies

Genny Beemyn and Mickey Eliason, Guest Editors

Deadline for proposals: November 1, 2014

The Journal of Lesbian Studies, a peer-reviewed academic journal published by Taylor and Francis, invites essay submissions for a special issue on “The Intersections of Trans* and Lesbian Identities, Communities, and Movements,” guest edited by Genny Beemyn and Mickey Eliason.

Possible topics include, but are not limited, to:
• The identity development processes of trans* lesbians
• The experiences of trans* lesbians in different communities and societies
• Trans* lesbians in popular culture, the media, literature, or history
• Sexual and gender fluidity in the lives of younger people today
• Trans* and cisgender lesbian political coalitions
• Butch and FTM struggles and solidarities
• Efforts to include trans women in “women-only” spaces

Please send a 500-word abstract of the work you have written/would like to write to by November 1, 2014. The editors will respond to proposals by December 1. Completed articles of approximately 15-20 pages (5,000-7,500 words) will be due by March 31, 2015 (submitted articles will undergo a peer review process).

For more detailed information about submission guidelines, including copyright requirements and the preparation of tables, figures, and images, please see the homepage for the Journal of Lesbian Studies at =submit~mode=paper_submission_instructions

Please share this Call For Papers widely. Thank you!

About Mickey

I am a community health researcher and scholar from San Francisco State University, and have 25 years of experience studying lesbian/bisexual women's health.
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