GLMA Nursing Summit Registration Open Now!



It is happening on September 10, all day, in Baltimore, Maryland!  The GLMA Nursing Summit promises to be another inspiring – and historic – day for nursing and for LGBTQ health!  If there is any way for you to consider being present for this event, now is the time to register!  This will be a day packed with opportunities to network with other nurses who are willing and ready to take action in nursing, and to be part of a tangible, specific project that can have far-reaching effect.

Like all events of this kind, there are formal learning objectives, which are wonderful of course, but the fact is that what makes an occasion like this so important is our one-to-one conversations, the joy that comes from re-uniting with old friends and meeting new ones, and sharing with our friends, new and old, a purpose that has real implications for our profession, and for those we serve.

The planning committee is laying the groundwork to assure that this will be a day when all nurses who share a concern for the health of LGBTQI patients come together in a spirit of powermutual respect and appreciation for the rich diversity among us  — regardless of our sexual or gender identities.  It is one of those still-rare occasions where all who identify as any of the vast numbers of sexual minority identities can “be” – totally open and honored for who we all are.  It is also a day when our straight allies can join us to celebrate and openly share their open commitment to the improvement of LGBTQI health in nursing and health care.

We know that regardless of how we identify, we are all still vulnerable to rejection and discrimination just because of the work we do.  We know that regardless of our identities, it takes courage to do what we do or want to do on behalf of LGBTQI health.   Most of all,  we know that our identities should not divide us.  During this historic day, we will celebrate our diversities, and honor the work we have done, we are doing, and most important, the work that we will do together in the future!

So I hope you can join us!  But even if you cannot, we will be sharing what happens at the Summit broad and wide!  We will have formal action plans that will be distributed for all to see, and will provide virtual avenues for being involved. There will be reports here on this blog, on the GLMA web site, and on the GLMA nursing google email list.   To be sure you do not miss anything, use the link in the upper right sidebar to follow this blog and received email notices of new posts, or join the google email list, or both!  Even if you cannot be actively involved, we value your connection with what we are doing, and appreciate your support by just “being there” to lend support and encouragement!




About Peggy L Chinn

feminist, nurse activist, writer, founding editor of ANS Advances in Nursing Science, quilter, grandmother nurturing the future of the amazing children in my life.
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