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Peggy L Chinn

Elizabeth Berrey and I have an article that was just published in Sinister Wisdom titled 1-1_Nov_1982s_pdf“Cassandra: Lesbian (Non)Presence in Nursing!”  We were delighted to have this opportunity to document some of Cassandra’s history, while at the same time reflecting on what that experience meant to us!

For those wondering what that experience was, in 1982 a group of nurses at the American Nurses Association convention in Washington, DC, formed Cassandra: Radical Feminist Nurses Network.  We were gathered at the end of June, at the same time as the June 30th, 1982 “death” of the ERA.  Women and men from all over the country were gathered in the nation’s capitol to grieve the loss of that amendment, but also to express a commitment to move forward.  There were celebrations, concerts, demonstrations all over the district, and then there was the ANA convention.  For those of us present at the convention…

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Mona Shattell, PhD, RN, FAAN is professor and chair of the department of community, systems, and mental health nursing in the College of Nursing at Rush University in Chicago. She is the Editor of the Journal of Psychosocial Nursing and Mental Health Services, and the author of more than 100 journal articles and book chapters. Her published work focuses on therapeutic relationships, various environments of care, and the mental and physical health of truckers. Dr. Shattell is an active social media user, content developer, and public thought leader. She has published op-eds in the New York Times, The Atlantic, The Hill, Health Affairs Blog, Huffington Post, PBS, and others. She received a PhD in nursing from the University of Tennessee Knoxville, a Master of Science degree in nursing from Syracuse University, and a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing, also from Syracuse University.
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