Sherbourne Health

LGBTQ+ Courage Resource

Sherbourne Health

  • Rainbow Health Ontario Conference: held biennially, this program aims to offer education and training to providers who care for LGBTQ2S communities, advocate for public policy change, share information, and consult with service providers and organizations.
  • Mobile Health Bus: provides an entry point to healthcare services for people who often face barriers in accessing traditional health care services and partners with the community with an aim to support individuals in managing their wellbeing. Competing priorities can make it challenging for some individuals to approach standard health care due to a variety of social factors, including stigma. The health bus offers community outreach that provides an important connection between community members and Sherbourne Health to diminish barriers to health services.
  • Acute Respite Care program: a short-term health care unit that provides 24/7 interdisciplinary care to individuals who are homeless, under-housed and/or socially isolated who need a safe place to recuperate from an acute medical condition, illness, injury, or surgery.


333 Sherbourne Street
Toronto, Ontario
M5A 2S5

Contact – Email or phone 1-416-324-4100


A dynamic provider of integrated health services, community programs and capacity-building initiatives that enable people and diverse communities to achieve wellness.

Sherbourne Health offers unique services and programs that prioritize the needs of populations and communities who face specific barriers to accessing traditional health care. Their priority populations are lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, Two Spirit, queer; newcomers to Canada; the under-housed, homeless or precariously-housed.

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True Colors: Sexual Minority Youth and Family Services of Connecticut

LGBTQ+ Courage Resource!

True Colors

  • Programming in support of GLBTQI youth, their families, and professionals who support them.
  • Offers adult training, youth programs, Gay-Straight Alliance programs.
  • Safe Harbor project ensuring culturally competent, unbiased and affirming service by all DCF staff and its contracted providers,
  • Annual conference,
  • Mentoring.


30 Arbor Street, Suite 201A
Hartford, CT 06106

Contact – Email or Phone  (860) 232-0050


True Colors is a non-profit organization that works with other social service agencies, schools, organizations, and within communities to ensure that the needs of sexual and gender minority youth are both recognized and competently met.
The organization trains more than 6,000 people annually, organizes the largest LGBT youth conference in the country with more than 3,000 attendees and manages the state’s only LGBT mentoring program. True Colors has been spotlighted by both national and local media for their expertise in LGBTI youth issues.


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New Orleans Advocates for GLBT Elders (NOAGE)

LGBTQ+ Courage Resource


  • Holds monthly coffee events for LGBT elders, often with a health-related focus as well as an annual GALA and awards ceremonies.
  • The NOAGE Trailblazer Award is given each year to someone
    who has gone above and beyond the call of duty
    to be of service to the New Orleans area LGBT community,
    especially if those services benefitted LGBT people age 50 and older.
  • NOAGE also has a Community Impact Award given to members of the New Orleans LGBT community.

Location – 2601 Tulane Ave. Ste. 500 | New Orleans, LA 70119

Contact – Email or Phone: (504) 517-2345


New Orleans Advocates for GLBT Elders (NOAGE), a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, was created from a steering committee of concerned residents and older adult service providers to address the challenges facing LGBT older adults in the New Orleans area.

NOAGE hosts socialization/educational events for LGBT older adults, and works to increase the cultural competency of health care workers and providers through trainings and workshops in the New Orleans area.


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JK Health Equity

LGBTQ+ Courage Resources

JK Health Equity:

  • Provides an evidence-based model that is expanded upon using the personal experiences of the presenters who are business/life partners, lesbians, and healthcare providers. The model offers practical skills on acceptance, support, and respect.
  • Provides, at no charge, ongoing continuing education on LGBTQ2S health equity to interprofessional health teams at the provincial health authority in Nova Scotia, Canada.
  • Speaks at North Hants Rural High School (Nova Scotia, Canada) for International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia
  • Provides education and guidance on marginalized populations to a leadership candidate for a provincial political party

Contact: Email or phone: 1-902-880-1765


Diversity training is an important factor in organizational success because it aims to address how the marginalization of historically oppressed communities is often inadvertently reinstated. With this in mind, JK offers expertise in trauma-aware health care strategies that empowers individuals to stimulate organizational change. Practical communication skills bring about cultures of respect that can work to bridge gaps between training and implementation for the successful inclusion of persons from diverse backgrounds.

Education and training is provided through an LGBTQ+ lens to bring about diverse and applied understandings of equity. Using evidence-informed approach, JK collaborates with each client to provide professional development experiences that are specific to educational needs and organizational culture. Simulated scenarios with group learning activities are adapted to professional context to offer practical strategies in an interactive learning environment.


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Hartford Gay & Lesbian Health Collective

LGBTQ+ Courage Resources

Hartford Gay & Lesbian Health Collective  currently provides medical services, dental services, support groups, and health education tailored to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer communities, but serves clients of all genders and gender identities, sexual orientations, ages and ethnicities. The Hartford Gay and Lesbian Health Collective is especially proud of its services to people living with HIV/AIDS. We touch the lives of thousands of people every year.

HGLHC is and will continue to be an advocate for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender issues and is proud to maintain a prominent presence at community meetings, events and other venues where issues of relevance to HGLHC’s constituency are discussed, decided or celebrated.


1841 Broad Street (Main Office) Hartford, CT 06114
64 Church Street (HC East) Manchester, CT 06040


Contact form

Phone: (860) 278-4163

Our Mission

The Hartford Gay & Lesbian Health Collective empowers individuals of diverse sexual orientations, gender identities and gender expressions to lead healthy lives through the provision of health and support services, education and advocacy.

Our Vision

The Hartford Gay & Lesbian Health Collective will continually address, anticipate and respond to the comprehensive health needs of people of diverse sexual orientations, gender identities and gender expressions in Connecticut, while maintaining a financially stable and viable organization.

The Hartford Gay and Lesbian Health Collective will apply the following values as it carries out its mission:

  • We are committed to providing client centered quality services and programs consistent with professionally accepted standards of care.
  • We celebrate and embrace the commonalities and differences of all persons touched by our organization.
  • We treat all persons with dignity and respect.
  • We encourage and support professional growth and development.
  • We strive to create and maintain a physically and emotionally safe and inclusive environment that runs seamlessly through all aspects of our programs and services.
  • We aspire to be a positive and influential leader in all aspects of our service to the community.
  • We are advocates for mental and physical health in our community and encourage and support all in making healthy choices for their lives.
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